Tennis Partner is the longest serving international distributor in Singapore with 3 years more experience than our local competitors. We have sold over a hundred machines in Singapore and across Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Brunei) establishing a reputation of exceptional customer service giving our customers 100% peace of mind.

Our exclusive and unparalleled services in Singapore include:
• Lowest price guarantee
• Fully equipped local service center with highly qualified engineers
• Software upgrading (only distributor in Asia entrusted with Lobster software – refer to our FAQ page for more details)
• Zero downtime guarantee
• Free demonstration at one of our two tennis courts (central location)
• Free delivery & tutorial at your tennis court
• Same day delivery in Singapore (next day in Asia)


To get the BEST PRICE on your Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines, contact us:
Phone: (+65) 8533 0184
Email: sales@tennispartner.com.sg

Tennis Partner is the trusted distributor of Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines in ASIA and our list of customers includes Tanglin Club Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club, Six Senses Resorts and many other schools, organizations and individuals. We provide a first class service for your world class Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines.

How can a Tennis Ball Machine improve my Tennis?
• Tennis Ball Machines (The Perfect Tennis Partners) have been proven to increase improvement rate by up to 300% because on average you will hit 4 times more balls per hour than in a match or during coaching, and this is the perfect way to perfect your strokes and building match winning stamina.
• Be in Total Control of your training! You dictate exactly what balls and drills you want (court positioning, speed, spin, trajectory, height and frequency). Our Tennis Partners are GUARANTEED to match your intensity and will not quit, will not tire, with not take bathroom or phone breaks. Train with a relentless opponent which only stops feeding you balls when there are no more balls available!
• By giving you full and precise control of ball delivery, covering the whole court and every shot in the book, the power to improve is literally in your hands!

A Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machine (your perfect Tennis Partner) is READY TO PLAY ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

Who can benefit from using a Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machine as a Tennis Partner?
• Many professional players owe their success to Lobster Sports’ Ball Machines. If you’re a tennis lover, or active fitness fanatic, then a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine is the perfect tennis partner for you!
• The Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines are guaranteed to transform your game. The Lobster Sports Tennis Ball  Machines are all Built for Life – Guaranteed to have the highest of quality, innovation and durability to suit every tennis player.

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Innovative features of the ball machine include:
Customizable Drills:
Program your tennis ball machine to simulate shots that you want and save it on the machine.  Create your own drills by setting the ball speed, spin, location and interval for each individual shot! The possibilities are endless and you can re-create your favourite rallies or practise an upcoming opponents favourite moves.
Pre-Programmed Drills:
Specifically designed  drills which increase your performance on court. These drills prepare you for competition and are similar to professional players. The Lobster Elite 5 Limited Edition has 12 different drills to help you master every type of opponent from a moonballer, a power hitter, an all-courter, a slicer and many more.
Random Oscillation Drills:
Lobster Tennis Ball Machines have the ability to mix up speed, spin, location and direction to simulate true match play. New improved software now allows for random feed rate removing the predictability of knowing when the next ball is coming which is a limitation of other tennis ball machines.
True Corner to Corner Oscillation Drills:
This function simulates true match play as it incorporates various depths, allowing you to practise forehands, backhands, lobs, volleys and hit balls directly from the corner.
Easy Transportation:
Lobster Ball Machines are user friendly for anyone of any size. Bigger and more durable wheels and ergonomic handle allow you to travel over any surface, including stairs, gravel and grass and a foldable handle allows easy storage and transportation by car a breeze.
Long Battery Life:
If you have the stamina, you can play tennis continuously against the Lobster Tennis Ball Machine for up to 8hrs anywhere with the tennis ball machines internal battery.
Reversible Ball Hopper:
All it takes is to reverse the ball hopper and you’ll be able to transport it easily in your car.
2-year Warranty:
Lobster tennis ball machines are the only machine on the market in Singapore to offer a 2 year warranty.

Lobster Tennis Ball Machine SingaporeWho can benefit from using a Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machine as a Tennis Partner?
• Tennis players of all levels can improve the effectiveness of their strokes and match stamina
• Tennis lovers with tight schedules and have difficulty finding Tennis Partners
• Tennis coaches can increase time spent “coaching” and fine-tuning your strokes from close range in real-time rather than feeding balls from the other side of the court
• Health conscious individuals can achieve a great cardio work-out trying to keep up with our tireless Tennis Partners
• Parents looking for a safe and inexpensive way to introduce their children to a fun sport, thereby guiding them to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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